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Appreciation Referral Bonus Program:

     Your referrals are a driving force in our business!  So let us say thank you with a small payout of $50 to $100.  Payouts vary depending on the size of the contract work you refer to FryCo Systems, Inc. 

     Fill out the Appreciation Referral Bonus Form below and hit submit before your referral signs a contract with us and you'll receive a payout.  It may not be a lot of cash but I bet you can take someone special to dinner or get your kids a new video game.

     Payouts may be subject to 1099-misc reporting and require a tax payer id number prior to payout.   

     Please call us if you have any questions.  We loved working with you and you know you think we're pretty great too.  So why not let a friend know how we can help them.  We all win  -- you get a little mad money and a happy friend and we grow our business by 1 more happy and loyal customer!